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Read-In: An American School Tradition

Read-In: An American School Tradition

This year at MISB, the Year 1 class participated in an American educational tradition called a read-in. A read-in is just as it sounds: staying in and reading!

Students arrived to school dressed in their comfortable best – pyjamas, slippers, stuffed toys, and blankets. After a storm of giggles – how silly to see each other in pyjamas at school! – we settled into our morning of reading. Students were able to choose any book they wanted to read. Many grabbed their favorites from the year, while others challenged themselves with higher reading levels. We also used the school’s library to expand our collections and discover new titles.

At MISB, we love this quote – “reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”. Reading is an important aspect of education at MISB, so students are supported as they learn, practice, and increase their reading levels. Everyday in class, students have time for guided or independent reading.

Students reflect on their reading as well, writing book reports, describing characters, or re-telling their favorite parts! At the read-in, we enjoyed independent reading as well as class reading and acting out characters. You may think that 3 hours of reading with 6-year-olds wouldn’t work, but for this Year 1 class, it was a special morning. And the snacks were helpful, too!

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