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English Class / The Power Of Reading

English class / The Power of Reading

Students from year 4 have been reading “Arthur and Golden Rope” from the wonderful Power of Reading scheme. It’s a great book, infused with Norse mythology and plenty of fantasy and adventure! We decided as a class to create “descendants” of Arthur, Grandfather and Grandmother Brownstone, who wish to pass on their family history to their grandchildren. Thus, with all the fascinated and attentive “grandchildren” gathered around them, they continue the tradition of the art of storytelling, one of the ways that events in real history have been passed down many generations to us. A cozy fireplace and some extra props gets the students engaged and it’s a great premise for getting them (taking turns to be grandparents) to read the book aloud. Improvised drama is also a great way to get students – most non-native English speakers –
 to practice and master the simple past tense, which has different forms in question, negative and affirmative.Drama is a great way to teach and learn both the content of the lesson and the English language itself!
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