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Drawing And Modelling Bodies

Drawing and modelling bodies

Year 3 has been exploring how to draw bodies using different art styles. They started by studying the outlines of bodies and how different artists represented the body.

The  children then moved onto creating art using charcoal and colouring pencils to creatre more realistic images of bodies. The children were able to explore the effects of using more and less detail, and the influence of light on the the works. 

We then took the work to the next stage and researched how the humn body was shown as a sculpture. We made our own wire frames people using pipe cleaners and then we covered the bodies in different brightly coloured play doughs to create our our vivid crowd scene, in the style of Giacometti. If you look closely at the original work they were studying, you will see the children have really caught the essence of the artist’s work in their own work. 
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