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Year 4 Science Class: States Of Matter

Year 4 Science class: States of Matter

In our class today, students were shown an experiment where liquid changes to gas and blows up a balloon, without anyone using their own breath. 
Students had to explain the results (the balloon inflating, attached to a bottle with vinegar and baking soda).  They correctly explained that gas particles are far apart from one another, occupying as much space as they can.  This is why the balloon was able to inflate. 

Prior to the experiment, we practiced identifying the states of matter (solid, liquid or gas) with interactive online games and we also did some written work on the particles of each state of matter. We also discussed what things have a reversible or an irreversible state of matter.  
Finally, students were given a choice of several other experiments pertaining to matter and its changing states. They will photograph or film the stages of their experiments, and next week they will present their experiment and explain their results to the class.  
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