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Bring Your Toys To Maths Class

Bring Your Toys to Maths Class

MISB teachers sure are missing their maths manipulatives right now. Back in our closed classrooms we have shelves of interlocking blocks, beaded strings, colored counters, dice, play money and so much more.
These items were a fundamental part of each maths lesson. Now that we are in a virtual classroom and the students are in their homes, these manipulatives are taking different forms; Lego blocks, spare change, tiny figurines, rock collections, dried pasta, chess pieces and more.I called on the year 2 students to bring whatever do-dads and gizmos they could to assist them in creating arrays for learning multiplication. The year 2 class was able to show a little bit of their personalities in their choice of manipulatives.
We saw Lin’s personal set of interlocking blocks, Flavia’s cute Smurf dolls and Yashika’s coin collection. We may not be in the classroom, but we are finding ways to learn all the same!
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