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My First Book Review By Year 1

My First Book Review by Year 1

Whether we are in school or at home, we still love to read! We can read anywhere. In fact, reading can transport us to another world. We can explore unknown lands, meet exciting new characters, and go on unexpected adventures. There is no end to the possibilities when we have a book in our hands. Last week, Year 1 read a book of their choice at home. They then completed a Book Review worksheet. They wrote the title, author, main characters, what the book was about, and their favourite part of the book. Each day, they took turns to talk about their favourite book, and tell their friends all about it. This was an excellent way to practice their reading comprehension, as well as their speaking and presenting skills. It also tested their friends listening skills.

It was a lot of fun discovering more about our friends. Our favourite books can say a lot about our personalities.

Let’s keep developing our passion for reading! Remember; Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.
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