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Year 4 Art Lesson On Perspective

Year 4 Art Lesson on Perspective

In the 15th century, a man from Florence, Italy, discovered perspective in drawing and painting. His name was called Filippo Bruneleschi. Perspective is what makes drawings (especially of roads and rivers, cities and countryside) look like they have depth.  It was thanks to Bruneleschi that art was no longer seen as simply creative or handiwork. It got the status of being intellectual, too. It takes a critical, analytical eye to figure out how to draw depth on a 2D piece of paper! Even the teacher of this lesson had challenges. 

This lesson is part one, and it is clear that some of the students grasped the concepts of vanishing points, converging lines, and so on.  By next week, more people, including the teacher herself, will have improved their perspective drawing! Year 4 looks forward to the next perspective drawing lesson. 
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