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My Creature

My Creature

This week, Year 1 practiced their listening skills and their drawing skills. The aim of the game was to listen to Miss Caroline and draw what she says. “It has a big round head! It has a long neck! It has an oval shaped body! It has three eyes and a beak! It has 4 short legs, and a long tail! It has wings like a dragon! It has spiky hair!”

 And low and behold, we created our very own cool and unique creature! It was interesting to see all the different interpretations
 of the creature. How differently our minds work!

Then it was time to give our creatures some personality. What does it eat? Where does it live? What does it like to do? Everyone had their own individual ideas

. Year 1 were even able to incorporate their Science knowledge about habitats into their work
. We had cave dwelling herbivores, all the way to human eating creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean.
 We even had some creatures that munch on hamburgers and enjoy playing football. Nothing was beyond the reach of our imaginations.
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