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Year 4 History Lesson: Crime And Punishment, Then And Now

Year 4 History Lesson: Crime and Punishment, Then and Now

In our grand finale of a history lesson last week, Year 4 and their teacher went through various legal systems from Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon England, the Tudors, the Georgians, Queen Victoria and modern times.  We learned about the early courts, law books, the nature of the punishments through the ages that finally led to a modern police force and a prison system, the naming and protection of human rights and innocence until proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 
Today the teacher wore a typical 16th century lawyer cap and robe, the hat being a correct replica of that time and profession.  We revised all the words pertaining to the different legal epochs’ legal systems, learned in the past six weeks.  We also looked at modern crime and punishment with a focus on crime prevention and crime detection.  
Finally, we had a philosophical and ethical discussion on the evolution of the legal system, and of crime and punishment, as we know it in our country.  Has it become more civilised? Is it fairer, or not? Why or why not?  
As always, history discussions are always a good way to practice and improve English vocabulary, grammar, public speaking and many other skills.  And, as we know, history’s stories and mysteries are so much fun, no one could have made them up! 
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