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‘Year 1 And The Search For Gold’

‘Year 1 and the search for gold’

It’s been a week of adventure, exploration and expanding of imaginations for Year 1! As part of our Power of Reading program, we have been exploring a book called ‘How to Find Gold’. This has given Year 1 the opportunity to delve deep into their creative sides. They made ancient treasure maps using coffee to stain them, and then told eachother exciting and frightening tales of how to hunt for gold. But…not all gold is found on land!…some is hidden deep under the ocean! So, Year 1 began to explore the depths of the ocean and the extraordinary creatures that live there. Inspired by this, they worked in groups to create imaginary Sea Monsters using junk and recycled materials. And of course, no Sea Monster is complete without its own home… Can you spot the treasure chests they are guarding?
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