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Photos From Power Of Reading Activities With Year 3

Photos from Power of Reading Activities with Year 3

This week in Power of Reading we read Chapter 4 of Pugs of the Frozen North. After reading the chapter and reviewing the chapter we went outside to learn about the French theatre term “tableau”. Each house made a tableau of a scene within our chapter. The students chose who would represent the characters in each scene.

Scene 1 – Pushing the Sled up the Frozen Hill

Scene 2 – Sika sees the pugs up close and brings them dog food. She is confused.

Scene 3 – Sika tells Shen how she wanted to use the pugs and what her dreams are.

Scene 4 – Shen harnesses the pugs to Sika’s grandfather’s old sled. They attempt to drive the sled for the first time.

The students used these moments and scenes get into character as either Shen or Sika to write a journal entry as their character. Students used these 4 moments as a stepping stone to focus on when practicing their writing skills.

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