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 St.Patrick’s Day

 St.Patrick’s day

Greetings from Year 5 and 6!

In honor of St.Patrick’s day, held on March 17th, Mr.Sam and Ms.Alice have conducted a range of delightfully Irish activities with their students. We have had the best time these last few days and students got really involved and enjoyed themselves!

In Year 5, Ms.Alice’s students got in touch with the Celtic origins of St.Patrick’s  Day and tried their hand at designing Celtic knots by plotting coordinates a selection of challenging coordinates on a graph. This was a tricky task but the students got stuck in and worked together to get things done.

In Year 6, we designed wonderfully festive leprechaun top hats, (which involved following quite complex instructions to get the result right), delved into some St.Patrick’s themed Maths and English projects and we even tried our hand (or legs!) at doing some Irish dancing to the tune of ‘Tell Me Ma’, a well-known and super fun Irish jig enjoyed by people of all ages in Ireland and beyond. 
To top it off, the students in both classes came dressed in beautiful shades of green and really stood out around the school in their lovely St.Patrick’s outfits! 
There’s nothing quite like making learning fun, themed and engaging for all – one of the many things students love about coming to Maria International School of Bucharest!
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