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Dear Maria International Students and Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of all the staff and community of MISB, I wish you a warm welcome to Maria International School of Bucharest. MISB is an environment and community that aims to nurture creative, informed and worldly students. Our staff and community work together to create an environment that provides high-quality education throughout Early Years, KS1 and KS2, that will give our students a firm foundation of knowledge and experiences to aid them in their education and daily life beyond MISB.

The Maria International community is a multi nationality community and we are excited to continue increasing our diversity each year. At MISB, one of our core values is respect. Not only respect for other peoples, their life experiences and cultural background, but also respect for our environment and ourselves. We aim to create a setting where our differences are seen as strengths and can be celebrated.

Our rich, child-centered curriculum is continually inovating so to help students grow by providing tools and knowledge that will help them develop socially, emotionally and culturally. We seek to provide opportunities for children to seek out knowledge and life skills that excites them outside of the regularly prescribed curriculum. It is our belief at MISB that all members of our community are committed life-long learners who are excited to take in and also share knowledge.

As Headteacher of MISB, I am proud to be working alongside qualified staff who have a broad range of experiences, talents and knowledge to share with our students and the wider MISB community. We, as MISB staff, rely on continual cooperation with parents/guardians, students and the wider community to aid in the progress and development of our students. Regular and respectful communication is a key aspect of this cooperation. We encourage parents to approach the appropriate staff if they have any concerns or questions regarding their child’s progress, health or other concerns. We also encourage our staff and parents to share in the successes of our students.

It is our aim to become a leading provider of education in Bucharest and Romania and are pleased that you have joined us on our journey and look forward to sharing and celebrating the successes of our students and school community.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you all.


Best Regards,

Justin Confer

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