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The year 1's have been getting into the autumn season by making their own garlands in Art. They have also made a few Halloween decorations for the classroom over the weeks to enter the spooky season with.

Little Authors of Reception

Reception students, in their early years of education, embark on a creative journey that fosters their imagination and literacy skills as they eagerly dive into the world of bookmaking. With wide-eyed enthusiasm and pencils in hand, these budding authors and…


KS1 went on a school trip to the Botanical Gardens. We were able to use what we have learnt in science to identify different structures of trees and plants, as well as see different insects.  The learners had a wonderful time…

KS1 Valentines week

Year 1 and 2 celebrated Valentines day throughout the week. The learners did different art activities, as well as learning what makes a good valentine. We asked and answered different questions about character and kindness. The learners then wrote to…

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