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Pasta Workshop with Year 3

This morning Year 3 made Cacio e Pepe while practicing using sequencing words (first, next, then, and last) so we can incorporate them in into our writing.  We measured our Parmesan cheese, cracked our own pepper, and garnished our own…

Year 3 , Ancient Egypt

Year three started off their topic about Ancient Egypt by making these beautiful silhouette paintings of the pyramids in Egypt, creating the effect of a sunset over the desert by blending colours.

How hand sanitiser works

Today year 3 learned how hand sanitiser works (they needed a little refresher on covid rules). The black pepper in the water represents germs, they saw when sanitising their hands no germs stuck to their fingers and the sanitiser pushes…

Year 3 drew pictures of life on the beach.

Year 3 drew pictures of life on the beach. We discussed the different vocabulary of holidays and we enjoyed guessing what different parts of the beach would look like.  The Year 3 students are using art in a wide range of…

Drawing and modelling bodies

Year 3 has been exploring how to draw bodies using different art styles. They started by studying the outlines of bodies and how different artists represented the body.The  children then moved onto creating art using charcoal and colouring pencils to…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

This week students learnt the story of St Valentine. We talked about different ways to show our love and appreciation. All children came up with wonderful ideas and then they made heart shaped cards to give them as presents. 

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