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The Primary programme at MISB focuses on providing a solid educational foundation so that students are able to attain goals and reach their personal bests. We follow the British National Curriculum and use innovative, holistic approaches to enrich the learning process.

In Key Stage 1 (KS1 – Years 1 and 2), students often use the morning to tackle core-subject learning, such as English, maths, Romanian, phonics, reading, and writing. You’ll often find students studying spelling words, working on their writing skills, or playing a fun maths game in the morning hours.

The later mornings and afternoons are reserved for our extended classes and extracurriculars. Students study science, topic (history, geography), PSHE (British values), art, sports, IT, dance, and music.

In Key Stage 2 (KS2, Years 3-6), a similar schedule is set, but with more flexibility. Students study core-subjects throughout the day, as well as their extracurriculars and extended courses. Additionally, KS2 also provides German language classes.

Eventually, as our students succeed and grow, MISB will host Primary KS1, KS2, and KS3, Years 1-9. For those interested in any of our programs, please contact us.

To enrich our classes, MISB provides a multitude of modern resources and teaching materials. Students have access to a suite of Chromebook laptops to use in IT class, as well for projects in other courses. Additionally, children can check-out an array of books from our library.

MISB has large and bright classrooms, which help to stimulate learning and provide an encouraging environment. Our teachers have many years’ experience in both national and international educational systems. We keep class sizes small with a maximum of 20 students. This is yet another advantage that gives the student individualized attention as an active participant in their own learning process.

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