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Our main goal at Maria International School of Bucharest is to provide a healthy and safe environment that promotes and fosters learning. Therefore, MISB provides regular doctor visits and has an in-house nurse who is available everyday to assist our students. Upon arrival, the children are checked daily by the school nurse.

In order to minimize the risk for children to get sick while at school, our institution enforces a series of medical procedures:

  • Mandatory medical tests at the beginning of the school year (nasal and pharyngeal exudates, coproparasitological test, giardia test) and also after a five-days absence;
  • Daily medical check of children: Upon arrival to school the children’s state of health is checked by the medical staff. If they become sick over the day, the parents are immediately contacted. For children considered to be “sick”, parents are contacted immediately and are expected to collect their child within the hour;
  • In order to protect the health of our community, MISB reserves the right to refuse unwell or contagious children from attending the school day.
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