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Year 2 Autumn Book Making

Our learners in Year 2 spend each morning writing and editing to consistently grow and learn. Last week, our learners made a book entitled “I Like to Pretend, but the Real Me is Better!” Inside we wrote and edited about…

Year 2 Pumpkin Seed Addition

In maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction of two digit numbers for the past 2 weeks now. In year 2, we decided to channel all of our math knowledge into pumpkin math problems. We worked within our…


The year 1's have been getting into the autumn season by making their own garlands in Art. They have also made a few Halloween decorations for the classroom over the weeks to enter the spooky season with.

Self-portraits in Year 2

Year 2B did self-portraits to prepare them for the Picasso exhibition. They had a picture of themselves to help them draw and colour their facial features. We also did kindness envelopes where we are going to write or draw messages…

Little Authors of Reception

Reception students, in their early years of education, embark on a creative journey that fosters their imagination and literacy skills as they eagerly dive into the world of bookmaking. With wide-eyed enthusiasm and pencils in hand, these budding authors and…

Science Fair 2023

Our Key Stage 2 students recently got involved in our exciting 2023 Science Fair. They worked extremely hard at home with their parents/carers to come up with a research question, which they then showcased on beautifully informative posters, with some students…

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