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MISB provides healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks each day. We have four different menus that rotate week-to-week. See this week’s menu below.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are prepared daily in our own kitchen, with fresh ingredients from carefully selected suppliers.

There are 2 main meals and 2 snacks a day: breakfast, fruit snack, lunch, and afternoon snack (long programme). The menu has been approved by our pediatrician and nutritionist.

Menus are upgraded regularly, respecting the principles of nutrition necessary for the growth and development of children. Parents are asked to provide the school with a list of all the foods permitted/forbidden for their child.

Menu 1
BreakfastCereals with milkFruit tea / Telemea cheese sandwich with bell pepperHummus rainbow wrapsOatmeal Cookie / MilkToast with mozzarella and cucumber
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchMushroom cream soup / Mac and cheeseChicken curry with rice / Cucumbers salad with dillColeslaw/ HamburgerGreek salad / Turkey meatballs with BulgurNoodle soup / Oven baked chicken cutlets with Indian oven chips potatoes/
Coleslaw salad
Afternoon SnackChocolate CakeLemon cakeSemolina puddingCarrot cake with mascarponeOatmeal biscuits
Menu 2
BreakfastCereal bars with milkToast with butter and jamHomemade Chocolate Milk with BiscuitGrilled cheese sandwichFruit parfait
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
Lunchlentil soup / Chicken fajitas with wheat tortillaCaprese salad/ Turkey breast with couscousBeef soup / Chicken with rice and vegetables sticksLeek soup / Meatballs Swedish-style with green peas and lingonberry jamHomemade pizza / tuna salad
Afternoon SnackSponge CakeApple cakeRice pudding Sweet cheese pieDigestive oatmeal
Menu 3
BreakfastHomemade chocolate Milk with oatmeal cookiesFruit tea with lemon and Bruschetta with olives, basil and oreganoYoghurt with Oatmeal biscuitsFruit tea / Spread with butter and cheese with cucumberMilk and Sandwich with butter and honey
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchPotato soup / Roasted turkey with garlic, herbsBulgarian salad/ Chicken thighs in French style and mashed potatoesTomato soup with basil / Meatball with green beans .Mushroom creamy soup / Polenta with cheese and sour creamOven baked chicken with rice / tuna salad
Afternoon SnackBread sticksCreamy rice puddingCarrot cakePizza with vegetables SicilianBiscuits with yoghurt
Menu 4
BreakfastGreek roll with feta cheeseFruit tea with lemon / FrittataMilk with musli cerealsFruit tea / Spread with butter and Telemea cheeseSandwich with cream cheese and cucumber
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchDumpling soup / Pesto pasta with parmesanSweet potatoes and carrots cream soup / Chicken skewers with vegetablesCaprese salad/ Beef with Indian potatoChicken soup / QuesadillasTurkey fajitas with Mexican rice / Greek pasta salad
Afternoon SnackBasque with sweet cheeseVegetable pizza with mozzarellaApple pieCake with carrots and applesBiscuit salami
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