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MISB provides healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks each day. We have four different menus that rotate week-to-week. See this week’s menu below.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are prepared daily in our own kitchen, with fresh ingredients from carefully selected suppliers.

There are 2 main meals and 2 snacks a day: breakfast, fruit snack, lunch, and afternoon snack (long programme). The menu has been approved by our pediatrician and nutritionist.

Menus are upgraded regularly, respecting the principles of nutrition necessary for the growth and development of children. Parents are asked to provide the school with a list of all the foods permitted/forbidden for their child.

Menu 1     
BreakfastCereals with milkSandwich with butter and egg/ fruit teaSandwich with Gouda cheese/ linden teaMilk with bread and honeyFruit tea/ Sandwich with cheese and butter
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchChicken soup with noodles/ Chicken liver stew with polentaAlphabet soup/ Beef stew with cuscus / Season saladMeatballs soup/ Tomato pasta with parmesanBeef soup/ Sliced fish with basmati rice/ Carrots sticksTomato cream soup/ Chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes/
Coleslaw salad
Afternoon SnackHomemade cakeCookies with raisinsSemolina pudding with jamFruit compoteDigestive biscuits
Menu 2     
BreakfastMuesli with milkLemon tea, sandwich with butter and cheese and red pepperMilk and sandwich with butter and jam without sugarLinden tea, scrambled eggs in the oven and toastCereals with yogurt
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchLentil cream soup/ Baked turkey breast with vegetablesNoodles soup / Potato stew with chicken; Cabbage saladBeef soup / Chicken skewers with beans and carrotTomato soup with noodles / Baked fish with vegetablesTransylvanian soup/ Chicken stew with couscous
Afternoon SnackHomemade cakeApple cakePizza with vegetables and mozzarella Sweet cheese pieDigestive biscuits
Menu 3     
BreakfastCereals with milkFruit tea with daisy of eggYogurt with cerealsFruit tea, Sandwich with butter and cream cheese and cucumbersMilk/ Sandwich butter and honey
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchPotato soup/Green beans with turkey breastTomato soup with noodles/Chicken Meatballs with mashed potatoes and Coleslaw saladChicken soup/ Arrabiata pastaCream soup/ Cabbage with chicken thigh fillet in the oven and polentaMeatball soup/ Chicken schnitzel with roasted in the oven potatoes and green beans; Beetroot salad
Afternoon SnackHomemade crackersCookies with oatmealApple and carrot cake Banana BreadBiscuits with yogurt
Menu 4     
BreakfastCereals with milkFruit tea, Sandwich with eggMilk with cerealsFruit tea/ Sandwich with butter and cheeseMilk / Sandwich with butter and jam without sugar
SnackSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruitsSeasonal fruits
LunchCream soup/Green peas with chicken leg; AfternoonBeef soup / Polenta with cottage cheese and sour creamMushroom cream soup / Rice with beef and carrotsChicken sour soup / Fish fillet with vegetablesGreen beans and zucchini sour soup / Chicken sauce with mashed potatoes/ Cabbage salad
Afternoon SnackSweet cheese piePizza with vegetables and mozzarellaApple pieQuiche LorraineSponge fingers
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