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Dr. Peter hails from England, but has spent many years teaching at different schools across Europe and further afield. He received his education from Southhampton University in 2000, and eventually made his way to Romania two years later. He quickly fell in love with the people and country, prompting him to make his home here in Bucharest.

This is his fourth year at MISB and he greatly enjoys the students at our school. Dr. Peter believes that every child is unique and special, and therefore he makes it his mission to help them discover their personal interests and talents. He prefers a holistic approach to education, as one of his greatest joys is watching his students develop and use their own thinking skills.

On the weekends and during holidays, you’ll most likely find Dr. Peter at his home in the countryside, where he explores his green thumb by growing his own pumpkins, sunflowers, and sweetcorn. He loves how different life can be outside of the city, and enjoys discussing the differences with his students.

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