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Mrs. Alicia is from Austin, Texas, but has become a true international educator with experience teaching in schools around the world including the United States, Sweden and Singapore.  She most recently has lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  These experiences have provided her with a unique international perspective that allows her to take the best parts of each culture and curriculum to influence her enthusiastic teaching style.  She aims to impart knowledge and excitement around the subjects of mathematics and science, and also teach valuable life skills including developing curiosity and inspiring joy in her students to become lifelong learners.
While Mrs. Alicia has taught using many different curriculums in both primary and secondary schools, her specialization and passion lies in teaching KS2 and KS3.  Her goal is for each student to feel cared for and confident to ask questions, afterall, reflecting on our mistakes is the best way to keep learning.
Outside of school, Mrs. Alicia loves to connect with people through good food and outdoor hikes.   Additionally, she recharges at home by reading books, listening to podcasts across a wide range of topics and baking anything that tastes delicious.
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