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Ms. Nikki is from Chicago, Illinois, where she taught in primary schools for over 22 years. She’s been teaching at MISB for 10 years and greatly enjoys her roles as Reception Teacher and Headteacher. Additionally, Ms. Nikki leads our Safeguarding team, ensuring that each and every child is nurtured in a healthy and secure way.

Ms. Nikki strongly supports the holistic educational approach at MISB, believing that all children are unique. She loves helping her students discover their natural talents, and encourages them to always pursue new interests. No matter what, she makes learning an adventure.

As an educator, Ms. Nikki strives to deliver instruction that incorporates a wide variety of teaching tools, resources, and techniques. Her style is to engage her students, ensuring that they feel included and challenged. When a child feels successful, Ms. Nikki makes sure it’s celebrated.

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