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Ms. Vasia comes from Greece, where she graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus with a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. This is her 7 years at MISB, and she greatly enjoys the work she does with her students.

Before moving to Bucharest, Ms. Vasia taught in preschools and kindergartens in Greece, as well as volunteered abroad in schools in Barcelona, Spain. Her varied experiences have helped her to understand what it truly means to be a teacher. She believes that education is not just about guiding someone to discover knowledge but also about discovering oneself.

Ms. Vasia also serves as MISB’s designated Safeguarding Deputy. She is perfectly suited for this role, as she highly values the safety and care of all children. For Ms. Vasia, education goes both ways: she loves teaching children as much as she loves learning from them.

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